Md Mizanoor

Md Mizanoor volunteering during the coronavirus pandemic


Volunteers during the pandemic: Md Mizanoor Rahman

Md Mizanoor is one of the 2,000 Tower Hamlets volunteers that offered to help during the coronavirus emergency. We asked him a few questions about his volunteering experience.
Tell us a bit about yourself.
Originally from Bangladesh, I have a degree in Physics. I worked in development in different roles where I helped during flood relief operations, distributing warm clothes to vulnerable people. I also delivered community organising workshops and raised awareness of child trafficking, hygiene and sanitation.
Why did you decide to volunteer during the coronavirus emergency?
I have volunteered for many years. I found it hard to see people dying during the covid-19 outbreak and funerals taking place under many restrictions. I had experienced isolation myself pre covid, I have struggled with gambling addiction in the past. Counselling helped me get better and taught me to seek rewards in being the best person I can be. As a human being I do volunteer to keep the society safe and improve my physical and mental health.
What kind of volunteering did you do?
I enjoyed the opportunity of being outdoors by delivering leaflets to residents of Tower Hamlets Community Housing containing important government advice on staying safe during the emergency. I did shopping for local vulnerable people, I sorted, packed food and delivered for Darul Ummah Hub. I speak Bangla, English, Hindi, Urdu and Japanese which helps me volunteering as an interpreter for a local foodbank. My family members back home are really proud of what I do as a volunteer. Volunteer Centre Tower Hamlets have been very helpful too.
Has volunteering during the emergency helped you?
Volunteering helps me become a better person, it purifies my heart and soul. I enjoy meeting all kinds people of different ages, races and colours. Volunteering is really a unique experience in life. Fear faded away while volunteering. 
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