Why Volunteer?

Young volunteers on a residential in July 07, posing in the woods, after a long walk, smiling

Volunteering in the community

"You come across people from all backgrounds, ages, professions and you are able to interact with all of them, you appreciate the difference and work together in harmony…you learn to become non-judgemental…it’s been a wonderful experience".

People volunteer for different reasons. As well as helping your community, there are lots of personal benefits to volunteering.

There will always be an opportunity that suits you, whatever your background. The Volunteer Centre has over 150 opportunities in over 300 organisations. Times are flexible, and opportunities range from hands-on outdoors work to being part of a management committee, from reading with children to being part of a busy community centre.
How much time can I give?
Who can volunteer?
What do I get?
What can I do?
I'm ready to get involved!

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