Zina's story

Zina Lewis on her volunteering experience in Ghana, holding a baby.
About Zina.
Hi, my name is Zina Lewis, a Youth Volunteer Ambassador for VCTH. One of my first experiences of volunteering was at Summer University as a Millennium Volunteer. It was great, I got to meet so many people and learnt so much. Since then I decided to continue volunteering around the borough and throughout London. Recently, I went to Ghana, West Africa, for three months as part of a government initiative to allow 18-25 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds in the UK to live and experience life and cultures around the thrid world. This was one of the best experiences of my life as I got to witness first hand what other people only view on their TV screens and I got to make a difference to people's lives on the other side of the world.

Why volunteer?
People ask me why I volunteer. I tell them it is because volunteering is a chance to make a positive contribution to the world around and often volunteering gives you the tools and experience you need to shape your world and your environment. VCTH helped me grow in confidence in my role as an ambassador. Working with them has inspired me to continue volunteering and contributing to my borough and the wider world.

Where to start
If you're thinking of volunteering locally and want to find out what's out there get in touch with VCTH or log onto the do-it website (www.do-it.org.uk).   
Are you ready to get involved?
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