Parveen's story

Parveen smiling, with her little boy, looking at the camera, in a white room, smilingAbout Parveen.
I have a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Gandhara University in Pakistan. I worked for four years in Pakistan. After getting married, I moved to the UK in 2007 and had a baby boy. When my son turned 2, I decided to start looking for paid employment.
Why did you decide to volunteer?
I attended various activities at Aberfeldy and Chrisp Street Children’s Centres, including the Job Club at Chrisp Street. I started looking for paid employment, but recognised that I needed some UK work experience to be able to find a good job. Voluntary work was the only way for me to gain work experience in the UK. With the help of the Lead Worker at Chrisp Street Children’s Centre, I contacted the Volunteer Centre and booked an appointment with Gulcoy, the Children Centres’ Volunteering Co-ordinator.
How did VCTH help you?
I went to meet Gulcoy at Oldchurch Children’s Centre with my son. I booked to attend the Introduction to Volunteering course at John Smith’s Children’s Centre. This short but basic course was just for me, as I was not familiar with the system in the UK. The course gave me an idea of how the system works in this country, what voluntary work is about and how I can use voluntary work to find a paid job here. My son enjoyed the crèche while I was doing the course. The course helped me re-gain my confidence and in the meantime, I applied for the Finance Admin Volunteer position with the Bangladesh Football Association. My application was successful.
How has volunteering helped you?
I am very happy with the voluntary work I have been doing for the Bangladesh Football Association. People are very nice and helpful. At first I was very slow with even the simple tasks at the voluntary work and it seemed I forgot everything, but it all came back slowly. My older brother always encouraged me and helped me realise that there is no difference between men and women when it comes to work. My husband has been very supportive, he looks after our son when he is not at work. My next goal is to find a paid job to be able to afford childcare cost.
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