Chris's Story

Nice closeup picture of Chris, with short, dark hair, smiling and looking at the cameraAbout Chris.
I am an IT professional who has lived in the East End of London for the last 12 years.

Why did you decide to volunteer?
My decision to volunteer came from two trains of thought; primarily I needed to open up my life to a wider circle of people. The second reason was less tangible; I felt a need to contribute to the fight against the perceived fragmentation of society.

Who do you help through volunteering?
I joined the Board of Winant Clayton Volunteers in November 2009. Winant Clayton Volunteers manage a volunteer exchange programme each summer between London and New York. See

How has volunteering helped you?
Volunteering opened up my life and brought me into contact with people and organisations I simply would never have encountered in my normal walk of life.

What would you say to potential volunteers?
I would say just give it a try! In all cases you will be welcome and you will never regret it. Obviously you need to give a bit of thought as to where your skills can be best deployed and also be aware that some ongoing commitment will be required. I was greatly assisted in considering these points by Volunteer Centre for Tower Hamlets in conjunction with the Do-it website.

Are you ready to get involved?
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